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Do you want to feel & look great ?
Find out how you can by using Xyngular health products like Xyng with these benefits:
  • Energizes the body and mind

  • Aids in fat burning

  • Controls cravings and suppresses appetite


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XYNG is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients designed to help you lose fat, tone up, and feel incredible while doing it.  XYNG is your secret weapon for losing extra pounds and inches faster than ever before. XYNG creates natural energy, improvement in mood, and appetite control while promoting fat loss. The powerful ingredients contained in a small capsule of XYNG are energizing people and changing lives daily

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We understand that customers want to know about their particular disease or health issues and we are sorry but this website cannot provide that type of  information because of  government and FDA regulations.



Body Information on Health and Weight
Weight and Obesity 
Issue Indicators 
  • Appetite and Cravings

  • Bad Mood

  • Metabolism Issues

  • Low Energy

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Obesity

  • Poor Health

  • Tired all the Time

  • All Body Functions effected by being obese / overweight

body systems supported by Xyngular xyng product
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 Health Support Benefits 
of Xyng
  • Healthy Weight Loss

  • Weight Management support

  • Boost Energy levels

  • Aids in fat burning

  • Metabolic support

  • Controls Cravings

  • Appetite suppression & control

  • Mood support

  • Fat Loss support

  • Exercise Tone Up support

  • Garcinia Cambogia health benefits

  • Korean Ginseng Root health benefits

  • Maca Root extract health benefits

  • 5-HTP health benefits

  • and much more....

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Xyng Ingredients and Supplement Facts 

Ingredients are on the FDA approved GRAF "generally recognized as safe" list. 

ingredients of the xyng xyngular product and supplement facts

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Founded in 2009, Xyngular is a world leader in health and wellness. Creator of the groundbreaking 8-Day Ignite Fat Burning & Ultimate Transformation Systems. Xyngular and Symmetry offer an unique and innovative collection of  products that provide great nutritional and health support, REAL weight loss, increased energy, enhanced mood, and an overall feeling of well-being for you to look and feel the great.

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In all matters related to your health please contact a qualified, licensed health practitioner. 

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